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People love walking around old towns, but they often can’t explain why, a mixture of atmosphere and detail. Visitors to Banff are often indebted to the Banff Preservation and Heritage Society, which put up explanatory plaques on many of the old buildings, helped devise the walking route round the town following the granite disks with numbers in the pavements, and composed the very popular booklet that goes with it. Local people, and those from further afield, join the Society for its talks and outings, and to encourage it in the continuing struggle to protect old buildings at risk.

Visitors are strongly encouraged to contact the Society to arrange a guided tour. With a guide who loves the town, you get more than the guidebook. You can ask questions, and the Society learns from the people we take round. Perhaps you have a link with the town, and we learn from what your grandmother remembered. Perhaps something that puzzles us makes sense to you, because you’ve seen one somewhere else. In any case, each time you walk round Banff you see something else intriguing or beautiful.

Our Society are now in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council in running the historic Banff Museum on the High Street - one of Scotland’s oldest museums, dating back to 1828.  It has undergone a huge refurbishment programme in 2013 with many new exhibits relating to the local area.  It houses a superb collection of rare Banff silver, dating back several centuries.  A long serving curator was the famous self-taught Banff naturalist, Thomas Edward, and some of his collection of stuffed birds are still on display. Another notable exhibit is a full-size copy of the precious Deskford carnyx, a large Pictish trumpet in the shape of a boar's head.  There is free entry to this local community museum.  For opening hours, please visit our website:

Every year we walk the Marches, a revival of a historic tradition that asserted the town’s rights against the neighbouring landowners. The marchers earned their soup and a dram at the Market Arms after we had seen off any local earls.

Our Society has a website, so you can contact us through it.  To telephone the Secretary ring 01261 812941.   

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